The smartest Point of Sale tablet

Want to update prices and induction periods for new employees in an instant? Booq’s smart POS software was developed to serve your guests quickly and accurately and to be set up as you desire. Play with the layout of columns and place best-sellers at the front so you can select the right products even more quickly. Map out the most effective walking route with the adaptable table map. Gain control of statistics with real-time reports on the management dashboard. That way, you gain a greater insight. And a higher turnover. And more time!

Any place, any device

Perhaps you wish to take orders via tablets. A 'standard' consumer smartphone. Or conversely, an industrial, indestructible variant with a special grip. booq is hardware-independent. Battery of your handheld terminal flat while you are busy taking an order? Then simply grab another device and carry on where you left off.

Flexible and scalable

Looking for software you can set up as you please and hardware that is just as flexible as your operational management? Then opt for booq! Design your own menu layout and manage your items online. Does your guest have special requirements? No problem, you can easily add the details to the order. Splitting bills and encouraging upselling has never been this simple.


booq software is so intuitive that anyone can master the system in no time. In other words, an extremely brief learning curve! Orders are taken in seconds and actions are executed with a few clicks thanks to the integrated table map. Even if you are managing multiple locations. Or want to offer customers even greater convenience with a perfect connection for contactless payment.

More than the ideal Point of Sale system

You can connect optional additional booq Bricks to your flexible POS tablet. From staff resourcing to reservation systems and from kitchen management to webshops connected to an selfservice order kiosk. You decide which booq Bricks suit you. In addition, booq has interfaces with your favourite packages. Additional connections are also possible, for example, to an RF reader, a magnetic card reader, or a barcode scanner.

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