What the features are? You decide. We offer smart solutions so you can serve your customers optimally. Problem-free switching from physical cash register to tablet, smartphone, or handheld  terminal regardless of operating system? Want to view your updated sales data online in real-time? Take orders in seconds? You can do it all with booq POS. We ensure each solution is an extension of your business. In other words: you are prepared for the future!

Menu and item management

You can adjust column preferences, make pricing changes or incorporate promotions quickly via the dashboard. Amendments are immediately implemented on all your devices thanks to the cloud connection.


Enter stocks of temporary products, which you can also amend quickly during opening hours. This way, guests are never disappointed because your staff are updated as to the current status in real-time.

Mixing function

Want to mix cola with various alcoholic beverages without having an excessive amount of drinks on your item listing? booq’s mixing function enables you add up prices easily for a clear bill, which is of course accurate in respect of tax.


Recommend appropriate sauces with the steak, the finest wines with a meal, or the tastiest pastries with a coffee. All information is available via your handheld terminal.

Status bar

The status bar conveniently shows you how many guests are sitting at a table, which pricing is being applied, and allows you to add or amend a remark to a table.


Add a remark about certain allergies or requirements to a table with a single click. The remark is also conveniently printed on the bill.


Correcting orders that have already been taken has never been this easy, thanks to our shortcut keys.

Long press

Quick access to all options for a table? If you long-press on a table, you get a submenu of frequently used functionalities, such as a new order round.

Splitting/combining bills

With booq, your customers can pay as they wish without it being complicated for you. Split a table’s bill or combine the bills of multiple tables in seconds.

Table history

View all bills for a table. Want to provide guests with a bill they have lost? You can print an extra copy after a week, a month, or even a year.

Table map with moving option

booq enables you to design your own table map based on your business. By pressing on the table to be moved, you can drag guests to another table quickly and easily. Convenient when guests move inside from the terrace! Can be used on multiple maps.

Employee lock

Create an authorisation system according to each employee’s authorisations and connect it to a personal log in code. That way, everyone only has access to specific functionalities and you can always see who is responsible for what in the back office.

Management dashboard

Via the browser, you always have access to your back office with a management dashboard full of real-time data and statistics. View best-sellers or peak hours and plan accordingly.


Coffee with apple pie for a special price, a discount when the order is over a set total or an adjusted price when a customer orders a certain amount of a promotional item? The POS system automatically links promotions to certain item combinations.


Manage multiple sites and determine the range and pricing in a single central environment.

More than an ideal Point of Sale system

Easily combine your POS system with the booq Bar/Kitchen Manager, a self-service order kiosk, or pick-up screen. Orders come in on the kitchen or bar touch screens automatically, and/or customers get a ticket for collecting their orders.

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