What is booq POS?

booq is the smartest POS tablet for the modern entrepreneur and is an all-in-one platform developed by Eijsink. If you use booq to conduct business, you will find all the desired functionalities in a single, complete solution. If you use the POS functionality, you also have the option of a flexible package of booq Bricks that evolves with your business. Besides, you have access to your results. Any place, any time, any device. You are in control!

Why should I choose booq POS?

The booq concept grew out of the desire to offer all relevant tools for your operational management in a single iron-clad programme. From (physical and mobile) POS terminals to resource planning and from bar and kitchen management to ticketing. It is modular, so you decide what to pay for. It is cloud-based, so accessible anywhere and anytime. You can access everything you need with a few clicks of the mouse or a single touch. We manage service and development in-house, so you have assurance in that respect too. And booq is incredibly accessible in terms of both price and software, so you immediately feel at home using it. booq: smart, super-fast and ground-breaking.

What about system updates?

Updates are essential to keep the system up-to-date and secure. Fortunately, you need not implement any updates yourself. As it happens, we do that for you without you even noticing anything.

What devices is booq compatible with?

You do not need any complicated hardware for booq. booq works great with physical cash register terminals as well as laptops, tablets, or smartphones via the app.

What connections are possible?

booq is more than the ideal POS system. For example, you can add additional optional booq Bricks, such as resource planning and ticketing, to your POS system. In addition, interfaces with your favourite packages are available, for example, links to salary packages such as AFAS and Nmbrs.

What about synchronisation of booq devices?

You can effortlessly switch from your physical cash register to a tablet, smartphone, or handheld terminal with booq. Sales data is updated in real-time. If you are in the middle of taking an order on your smartphone and the battery goes dead, you can carry on taking the order on another tablet by logging in with your account.