JANS, Arnhem

An appreciation of the finer things in life, as well as on one’s plate: JANS’ combines style, authentic hospitality, quality and fine dining that is accessible to all and sundry. In typical Arnhem style!

Arnhem originated along the Jansbeek – that is where this exceptional restaurant, located directly in front of the Musis Sacrum (concert hall) on Velperplein, got its name. Everyone is welcome here for a sociable drink or a tasty bite at any time of day. Management Assistant Sherilyn Hundersmarck explains: “Arnhem locals feel just as at home at JANS' as they do in their own front rooms or kitchens. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget: from a croquette roll to prime rib. Our menu is varied and offers something for any time of day. Whatever you eat or drink is of outstanding quality. Our chefs use the best seasonal products and where possible, use produce from local suppliers in the area. Come to JANS’ for a farm-fresh breakfast, a tasty tart, lunch, dinner, or sociable drinks. Anything goes!”

All in one

JANS’ can accommodate a minimum of 180 guests, so effective operating equipment is of the utmost importance. They opted for Eijsink because of the high standard of service and the versatility of a solution from booq – a POS terminal with table reservation system and resourcing planner in one. “We use booq POS across a combination of physical cash registers, handheld terminals, fixed and mobile pins. Our runners are equipped with a belt in which they always carry all their important items: a handheld terminal, a mobile pin, a wallet, and a cleaning cloth.

User-friendliness and stock control

JANS' has no regrets about opting for a booq POS system. "We find booq software user-friendly, both in the backoffice and out on the floor. There are various options for adding to menus and products, for example, how the meat should be done, additions to notes, dietary needs, or the desired number of glasses for a bottle of water or wine so the bar knows what to prepare. But JANS’ also makes frequent use of the stock control function. "Despite the fact it is busy, we need never disappoint our guests because product supplies and stocks are continually updated with every order. Our runners therefore know exactly which products they can still sell.”

Like JANS getting started with the all-in-one platform booq? Please feel free to contact us.