Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, Amsterdam

From a part-time job that got out of hand to worldwide recognition as bartender and an own business. Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse have both won the obligatory cocktail prizes. Tess has even been rated one of the best bartenders in the world for 3 years. Not surprising therefore that no sooner had they opened their cocktail bar in Amsterdam, or Flying Dutchmen Cocktails was nominated Best New International Cocktail Bar!

Dream team ‘TNT’ (Tess & Timo) met each other when they were colleagues at Door 74, where the idea of their own cocktail bar originated. They dreamt of having their own business that offered the classics. Tess: “We wanted to show people that there is a story, history and culture behind every cocktail. Wouldn’t it be great if the cocktail became a fully-fledged part of Dutch drinking culture?”

They had great ambitions and therefore wanted a POS system that would support them in this: booq POS. According to Tess, their primary criteria were that the system had to be user-friendly, flexible and reliable. “You often adapt cocktails to your target group, and that affects the price. A flexible POS system with a good backoffice is a must. booq is ultra-convenient. Our new employees can start using it immediately. I would certainly recommend it to colleagues.” Timo explains enthusiastically that he has not encountered any problems. “User-friendliness and the ability to see things in real time are important to me. For example, I can easily amend the menu, and they can simply keep working in the bar. I absolutely recommend it.”

Like Flying Dutchmen Cocktails getting started with booq and the booq back office? Please feel free to contact us.