De Pier, Scheveningen

The most well-known attraction on the Dutch coast: De Pier. Completely renovated in 2016 and now a complete food boulevard with contemporary street food, bars, terraces, shops and exclusive hotel suites. With views of the North Sea. The various entrepreneurs have transformed De Pier with its characteristic Ferris wheel into a hotspot again. Experience De Pier!

Food&Fun makes De Pier an attraction

Bygone glory, bleak and devoid of character. That used to be De Pier’s image. But anyone who has visited the icon of Scheveningen since 2016 soon changes their mind. De Pier is the perfect combination of Food&Fun. According to Herman Smit, General Manager of De Pier, there is always something to do at De Pier. There are festivals, cultural events, markets and musical performances all year round. In addition to the daily crowds of tourists that never miss an opportunity to visit De Pier. According to Herman, an efficient, quick and smart POS system is a must for entrepreneurs. That is why they chose booq.

Print-out of individual entrepreneurs’ turnovers

Because of the turnover-related rent that entrepreneurs pay, it is important to have a central insight into in the turnover of various entrepreneurs and partners. Herman can obtain print-outs of the turnovers of individual cash registers of various entrepreneurs via booq BackOffice. And he can do that any time, wherever he might be. Ideal!

Do you, like De Pier, have different locations for which you want to read the results separately? That is possible with booq! Please feel free to contact us.